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Hello Gaye,

I apologize for my delay in getting a "testimonial" and pictures off to you.  School started and life got crazy. . . every weekend has been booked solid.  Attached please find some recent pictures of our precious Ike and following are my thoughts about this wonderful guy.
Ike is by far the most intelligent, well socialized dog we have ever owned.  He is one year and three months old now and is the joy of our home.  He is continually learning new things and loves people.  One of my greatest delights is that he is my daily running companion.  We run together on average 3 -4 miles at least 6 days a week.  I have not taught him "heel", but instead, "LEFT" which he immediately obeys and runs on my left.  When a vehicle approaches from either direction, he sits and stays until I tell him to begin running again.  As time has progressed, he is less and less distracted by scurrying rodents, birds, other people and anything else we encounter on our runs.  Just yesterday a neighbor drove up to us, stopped his vehicle to chat briefly and Ike never left his seated position, even though the neighbor spoke to him from the car window.  


Ike is a voracious chewer, and so we rely on Nylabones to soothe this need.  When we eat a meal, Ike finds his bone and is busy occupying himself while we eat.  
He loves to be held, (all sprawling 20 pounds of him!)  is calm and not aggressive around other dogs and is enthusiastic about play time.  He calms and settles easily and is very obedient with minimal correction.  He is the perfect dog.

Theresa, NY


Hi Gaye!

We just wanted you to know how one little dog brought so much joy to our lives! My husband had to retire because of health issues and this little guy gives him the motivation to getup and move! Thank You again for our beautiful boy!!

Jackie R.

Good Morning,

Things are going well with Gryffy. He really likes people and other dogs. These pictures are of a visit this weekend to my parents house. The two dogs have been doing great together.

Thank-you, Jeff



Hi Gaye,

I just thought I would give you an update on one of your puppies. one that found his home in Calgary AB.  He had his 2nd birthday on August 1/15 and had a special party with many of his friends.  We had a small dog race which he won with ridiculous ease; a dog swim which he did not participate in, even though he has a life jacket, just in case; a ball through which he participated in; and a hot dog eating contest which he doesn’t care much about.
He is a funny little guy ands his own attitudes; recall only on his terms; only eats when he wants and lounges on his couch when dinner is prepared.


He is a great dog and has a great life; he goes to walkabout with a commercial dog walker 2 - 3 times a week to play off leash with the pack mates and runs around the farm with the Captain, the whippet, on the farm where they reside 1/2 the time.  He runs with me on occasion and has no trouble with 12 mile runs.

 He has a very rough coat, fairly long running down the middle of his back (like a Mohawk) and his sides are smooth and shorter…maybe they are all like that, but it is quite unique in my experience.  
I hope you got the picture I sent of his birthday cake….it was spectacular …1/2 dog cake and 1/2 human cake made by a professional cake maker.  If you didn’t get it, let me know and I will send you another one….it was one of a kind.
Good luck in any more trials and continue breeding these fabulous creatures, Gigi



Greetings Gaye !

We are so VERY thrilled to be Ike's parents.  He is an amazing dog, intelligent, personable, adaptable, LOVEABLE.  We wanted to share with you our thoughts regarding his upbringing under your care.  We are so impressed with how socialized he is, he loves interacting, being a part of our family, and being handled. He is able to calm quickly, both through our handling and on his own.  Your care, early training and breeding are extremely evident in his personality and behavior.  He never displayed any discomfort at being away from his litter mates or mother, just walked into our homes and hearts and behaved as though he'd been with us from day one.
He is nearly housebroken, indicates when he needs to go out to eliminate and of course, looks forward to the ensuing treat !  I believe he knows his name, is beginning to associate "come"  and "sit" with rewards.
Thank you again for such an amazing dog / baby / lover / family member !  I will send pictures soon.

Best regards,
Theresa and Craig, Olean, NY



Hi Gaye,


I am happy that you are proud of Wesley and think he is a good representative of Conquest Terriers.  It is an understatement to say I am enjoying him!!!  I am about him like I was Gatsby—I never want to go anywhere and leave him!  I cannot ever look at his face without marveling at how cute he is!


Update 2016;


He is  beyond adorable!  Even people with darling dogs say he is the cutest they have ever seen.  I almost feel sorry for them and their dogs!  Wesley is the best possible companion.  He hikes or runs as long as I want to and never gets tired. He  loves people, especially children and adores to have them stop and pet him.


When I go to the barn to ride he politely gets in his crate and waits for me with nor complaints.  Then when I go to another barn to ride yet another horse, he does the same thing all over again, never “complaining” even when other dogs are running around freely.  He hates loud noises, especially motor cycles, even when he is in the car.  That is just his phobia so I have to guard him with diligence at all times.  Other than that he is perfect!! And, really, I would never let a JRT run loose under any circumstances.  That is why I have kept mine until their late teens!


I can never stop being grateful to you for sending me the most wonderful dog you have ever bred!!


Natalie, NC, USA


Wesley, modeling his "Baker" blanket for a photo shoot.


It’s been three years since I picked up Conquest Wildeflower (or just Trout to me) from your friend and partner in Canada. I wanted to write you and to say what a wonderful addition she has made in my life. I currently live alone in Syracuse away from friends and family as I attend graduate school and Trout is my saving grace every day. Its such a joy to come home to her smile and wag. You’ve given me the companion of a lifetime and we are totally inseparable. Although she killed several chickens at my mothers farm in her youth, she has begun to mature into a truly special dog. We love backpacking, camping, and of course cuddling on the couch together.  
This past weekend we did a little winter camping and she spent the entire time hunting for shrews and tearing apart rotten logs (her favorite pastime). I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She is a kind, gentle, caring, and personal dog that everyone seems to take a very special shine to. In fact I’m certain that several of my friends not to mention landlords are more fond of her than me. 
She truly captures the Jack Russell spirit of big (hearted) dog in a little body. Please pass this along to your partner in Canada whom I picked Trout up from.
I love her so much, my sincerest thank you.

Whitman L., NY



Hey Gaye,

I just wanted to take a second & tell you how happy I am with the puppy that I got from you.  "Believe" is everything I was looking for in a terrier.  She has the temperament, structure, drive & attitude to excel at agility.  She is amazingly easy to train, seems that I only have to show her how to do something once, & she's got it all figured out!
And she amazes me how fast she is already, she can catch my border collies when they are out running & playing!  I have to be careful when I take her to agility trials, everyone keeps threatening to steal her, they all like her so much!  I have a feeling that's only going to get worse when she is old enough to start competing!  
      Conquest Believe at 7 1/2 weeks of age - boldly climbing the garden wall.

I can't thank you enough for taking the time and knowledge to breed such wonderful dogs.  You and your kennel are an asset to the Jack Russell community, as your dogs really do improve the breed.  You don't mind if I don't tell the agility world about your dogs do you........  I'm afraid that words going to get out anyway!

Thanks again!!

     Believe above, taken during early agility training. Believe (above) relaxing at home

I also wanted to share with you Believe's first agility trial.  I put the video up on YouTube. Search AgileLieve and you'll find it.  Here's the link just in case
She has a baby brain still but I am so proud of how she handled everything.  For your information she measures at 11 7/8" when she is relaxed!  :o)

This link shows you Believe's 4rth time in agility competion.

Feb. 2013 - Miss Believe ran agility again this past weekend.  She won both the 12” Steeplechase and the 12”  Grand Prix, receiving a bye for the regional championship event and getting her ½ way qualified for the national event…. Guess I now need to think about going! 

I keep meaning to tell you that I’m so impressed about how much of a Balanced dog Believe is temperament wise.  Time and time again I see her handle herself so well in any situation.  I have a JRT foster right now that can get over the top and Believe will correct her and then turn around and play with her again.  Such a wonderful thing to see in a JRT! 

Teresa C., DVM and Conquest Believe
Muncie, Indiana, USA

Hi Gaye,

I can't thank you enough for your recommendation of Fleet!  He is just the most incredible little guy and everything you described him to be.  His personality is so charming and engaging and he constantly makes me smile.  Never a problem with the other dogs and he fits right in. 
When I first saw him in person at the airport, it was literally love at first site.  He's confident, playful, smart, energetic, thoughtful and just naughty enough to keep you on your toes. 
His cuteness has no bounds!  If all that wasn't enough, he has that wonderful athletic structure to go along with his perfect smooth coat. 


July 23, 2012

Hi Gaye,
Wow, what a great weekend for Fleet and myself.  I took him with me as the sole lucky pup this weekend to run him in his first agility trial ever.  I'm the trial secretary for this agility club and usually don't bring any of my dogs so this was a real treat for both of us.
I have to say, Fleet has really impressed me on so many levels.  From his GREAT attitude about anything to his sheer joy to run and play and then his ability to get serious and focus what's on task.  Just pure pleasure.
I've never debuted with any of my dogs at 15 months so was a bit cautious about doing it with Fleet.  Had he shown even the tiniest bit of lack of confidence, I would have scratched the rest of his runs.  But each time I brought him into the ring, he was anxious and ready to go.  I don't plan to enter him in any other trials until he is at least 18 months since I still have some other things I want to continue to proof.  Of course the training never ends but that's the part I love most! 
Here are a couple of his videos from the weekend.  I'm so lucky to have him in my life!  Thank you so much and enjoy!

Editor's note: Fleet was purchased with the intention of training and competing in high level agility competitions

Fleet is a full  brother to Conquest Rider


Hi Gaye,
I wanted to share another video with you.  These are the weave poles that I've been working on with Fleet for the last couple months.  It was the last obstacle that I still needed to train.  So now we'll be working mostly on handling and jump sequences.  I'm hoping to have his "for real" debut the middle of October.
You can see how having that great structure makes everything he does so effortless.  :)

- Shirley



Hi Gaye,

Just wanted to personally email you and thank you for the fantastic dog you have given us.  My mother has already emailed you on a previous occasion, but I had to take it upon myself to personally thank you for our little boy.  Harley (Conquest Cigar) was born out of Hanna, on January 27 2011.  We have had him since April 2011, when my mother went down to Hamilton with my grandmother for surgery and went down to visit the pups/ pick him up.  He is the most FANTASTIC dog I could ever imagine.  I work at the local humane society and see plenty of dogs come through.  Harley comes for visits with me at work, helping to socialize dogs and test cats for households with dogs.  He is supremely pleasant and very laid-back.  

We recently got professional photos taken at a fundraiser for the humane society which I work at and I thought I would attach a few for you to see!!!  I must say, Harley shocks people with his pleasant demeanor everywhere he goes.  As soon as he came into the photo studio, the photographer said "oh here we go, another Jack Russell.  Little did he know that Harley is a special Jack Russell and that he was in for a surprise.  I just said "you wait" and followed the photographer into the studio.  At this point his collar and leash were both removed, and the photographer asked me if I could TRY to keep him in one place so he could take a photo.  Well, Harley wanted to prove this man wrong in the worst way, and not only did he stand and lie down exactly where he was told to on command, he would also direct his head in the direction the photographer wanted.  Needless to say, the photographer was in shock with our little boy.  He has done this to people on countless occasions.


  I have big plans for our Harley!  We have already conquered a lot of tricks together; the usual sit, lie down, and shake were menial tasks for Harley, who has already learnt to stand, play dead, roll over, crawl, twirl, and jump into our arms on command.  I have plans to start him in agility this summer (hopefully), and also plan to get him certified as a therapy dog once he gets his puppy jitters out of his legs (he still gets a little excited meeting new people).
I just wanted to thank you for our amazing Harley, who is the most loving dog I have ever met.  He is such a suck, he even asks to be picked up and likes to give us "hugs" where he will put his arms around our necks and rest with his head on our shoulder.  This is his favourite thing to do, and he always has to give us a hug as soon as we walk in the door.  He is very special, and I cannot imagine our lives without him.  I cannot stress what a fantastic, amazing, loving, gentle, friendly dog you have given us.  
Thank you so much for Harley, 
Ariana Spina, and the Spina Family


Hi Gaye
 It's been awhile, how are you? Trust all  is well.
 Well, it's hard to believe that it's been 17 years since we turned that 18 wheeler into your driveway and ended up staying for barbecued pork chops and a bottle of red wine.
 It is with sadness that we must tell you that our beloved "Maddy" has passed. She left us Sunday afternoon peacefully at home with her family at her side.
 Since Sunday, we have been celebrating her life and the joy and happiness she brought to us. She was truly a special dog and we are going to miss her deeply. We feel she lived a healthy, happy and fulfilling life and for that we are grateful.
 Thank-you Gaye for giving her to us.
 Attached is a photo

  John & Tracey J., Ontario, Canada

PanDora was so cute this morning during her nap time, I had to take some more photos.  It’s hard to resist cuddling with her all day in this chilly, wet weather.  We took a little break from our good citizen classes for the month of January to give me more time to make sure we know how to do everything we learned in the first 6 week class.  And when I say we, I mean WE—I mess up the wording, and she looks at me like….what?  So we both needed to firm up our skills.  We start again the first week in February.  The instructor thinks she will be an excellent therapy dog when we are all done. 
I had a scary moment the other day, I took PanDora to Pet Smart to get some things, and as she got out of the truck I dropped the end of the leash (like an idiot) and Pandora started to trot away.  I resisted screaming out her name and running after her, and instead said in my best “alpha voice”—Pandora---come.  She stopped, turned around, looked at me and trotted right to me.  Of course, I was relieved, but also I was so thrilled to see our training work at a stressful and dangerous moment.    Needless to say, she got extra toys in pet smart after a huge celebration of goodness in the parking lot.  This little girl is just such a joy to have.  I can’t thank you enough.  Hope all is well with you…..take care. 
Kathy T. NY, USA

March 2013 -This past weekend, on Friday night, I got a terrible toothache.  Apparently I had an infection in a back tooth that was easily the most painful thing I have ever had.  Now, that’s been fixed today – and I’m fine, but more importantly I wanted to share with you just how amazing and wonderful PanDora was with me this weekend. She tried so hard to help me, and never left my side.  If I was laying on the bathroom floor sick from the pain meds, she was right there with me. Face to face, just looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes. If I was miserable with pain, she was in my lap with her head on my chest, just laying there not sleeping just watching. When I did fall asleep, when I woke up she was curled by my side.  I started to worry she wasn’t eating and drinking either,  so I laid down by her water bowl and food dish. It was then that she took the time to eat and drink. More than once she let me just hold her and cry into her fur. She is such an amazing and loving little dog. Thank you for sharing her with me – I didn’t think I could possibly love her more than I did last week, but I clearly do. Keep raising these special dogs. Only a dog raised with love could be this caring and loving to a human.  Thanks again,

Note: PanDora is a full sister to Fleet (see testimonial above near the top) and Rider. Both of Pandora's grand fathers - Fox Run Rivet and Conquest Jock were certified Therapy dogs with T.D.I.

Bailey out for a dip in the pond, summer of 2011

Editor's note: Bailey was adopted at 1 year of age to be trained as a Bed Bug Detection Dog. She has only been in her new residence for 3 weeks but is making great progress as indicated below by her new owner/trainer.
Click on the link to watch what she has learned in a very short time.

From her new owner;
She's doing extremely well at her new work. She also gets along very well with the other Jack! Check this video;

Good Morning Gaye,

I hope this email finds you well, best wishes for the New Year I hope you had a lovely holiday season.
Anyway just an update Kat now known as Lucy has settled in very well I have attached some pictures as you can see she is having no issues with my other animals.

She loves her crate in my bedroom with Max laying by her crate not a peep out of her she will sleep 6 hrs in the night I put a heated bean bag in with her and cover the crate.
Toilet training is going extremely well she knows her spot in the yard and she now fusses to get out to go potty.
She has a nice personality and charms everyone. Lucy comes on our walk, keeps up, and comes when called.
I am delighted with her and her intelligence so thank you very much for breeding such lovely Jacks.


Lucy is now 15 months old and is a true jack Russell she is delightful and friendly very well balanced and we have no issues with her at all. You can see from my updated pictures she is a member of our family and we love her….thx


Moira M, Toronto, Ontario

Hi Gaye,
I wanted to send you something to add to your testimonial page. I can't believe it was over 17 years ago Mark and I drove to your farm near Brantford for a visit and to see the terriers. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw that day. You were so wonderful with us and explained the importance of being prepared to own a Jack Russell. We could tell how much you cared about where the pups were placed and that they would be a good fit with the new owners. Mark and I went home to get ready for our new pup. Months later you phoned to tell us you had a pup for us and she had a lot of energy, were we up for it. I remember like yesterday the first time we saw Peanut, of course she was the only pup that had escaped from the puppy pen, we knew she was perfect for us. For the next 16 years our hearts were full every day. Peanut provided us with laughter, companionship, unconditional love and in the end a life lesson in strength and courage. Peanut had become arthritic in her later years but she woke every morning and sat and barked under the cupboard that had her medicine in it. She loved life and being engaged, when she could no longer go on walks we would pull her in our wagon and after we would carry her up the stairs she always gave us a kiss as if to say thanks. One morning at 16 and a half she passed at home on her own, this didn't surprise us as she was the boss right to the end. The pain seemed unbearable, and my phone call to tell you was difficult to make. You told me to maybe consider another pup but I didn't think I would ever be ready. I phoned you a few times and logged onto your site to see what was new, but wasn't really sure I would ever get another dog. The morning you called me to say there might be a pup available for us I was scared and excited at the same time, it was hard to know if we were ready for another dog. Your wonderful friend Laura brought the pup closer for us to get. What can you say... the minute the pup was in my arms I knew it was meant to be. I only wish I would have gotten her a little sooner as we would have been able to move forward after our loss more quickly. We named her Dixie and she an amazing addition to our family. She loves to run and play and equally loves to cuddle in your arms. We will never forget our wonderful memories of Peanut but know we will make new ones with Dixie.
      Peanut, as an older lady celebrating her birthday         Dixie, the new puppy & canine love of their lives  

Thank you so much for making our lives full once more.

Lisa, Mark, Ashley and Stephanie P.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Hi Gaye

Please feel free to use the attached photo of Conquest Quick ... note how amazingly she is running on the wall in the curve and seems to know just where the sandbag has braced the tunnel at the end so that she can leap off the sandbag (FAR more stable than the floppy tunnel wall).   I will try to get more of them to you so you can have a choice ... esp. some that were taken this weekend where a different photographer was so cracked up about Quick's photos that he made a point of tracking me down in a different class in order to get more pictures) ... in the two I saw she was coming through the weave poles with NO FEET ON THE GROUND and coming out of a tunnel with NO FEET ON THE GROUND.  The photographer said he had literally NEVER seen a dog going through the weave poles in such a way that ALL feet were off the ground at one time, and he was hoping to make a composite photo for me from this weekend, all with NO FEET ON THE GROUND!

This dog is SO AMAZING!  We have been struggling for control (full speed, well, actually 'accelerating' is her ONLY speed), and this weekend's three day trial we had a big breakthrough (in fact the photographer excitedly told me he got more photos of my dog and then acted a bit doubtful that it was the same dog because it was so much better under control today than yesterday ... really a breakthrough when the photographer notices!!).

Rebecca, E., Maryland

Hi Gaye:


Needless to say, having a puppy Jack is a handful, but we would not change anything.  Moxie is, to say the least, all that and more.  We love her so much.  She is fearless, smart, agile, fast and funny all rolled into one.  We have had such fun with her and she has certainly filled our little world with laughter.  She is also an amazing people dog, everyone is taken with her.


Moxie is one year old now and some of her favourite things are swimming, long walks, the treadmill, and her toys, but especially just being with us.  We are just looking into agility and more structured obedience.  The first for her, the second for us.


We attached a few pictures, but she is so much cuter in person.  Thank you Gaye for breeding such amazing Jack Russsels.      
Gayle, Nigel and Moxie (still affectionately known as our little Fuz Bucket).
Ontario, Canada


An update on Moxie, Jan. 2012;

Hello Gaye!
Hope this email finds you well, healthy and happy!
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know FB (MOXIE) is doing TERRIFIC!
She is the light of my life!  There isn't a day go by she doesn't make me smile!
By the way, MOXIE is such a girl...she LOVES when I brush her, wash her & trim her nails!!!
I will send you an updated picture of her...she has become so BIG! 
Her birthday is coming up soon, but I'm not very good at picture taking!
During the winter months, MOXIE and I exercise daily together on my treadmill and I feed her an excellent diet combining wet and dry food. We use Holistic Select Small Breed kibble and I supplement with a large teaspoon of canned food per meal.
Anyway, I wanted to ask you, THE Jack Russell Expert, a question.
I have scoured the web, but there isn't much info on grooming rough-coat JRTs! There aren't too many articles on grooming a rough-coat, and the existing articles aren't very detailed or step-by-step! I've also checked out grooming schools, but they want to teach you how to groom ALL the breeds and at BIG $$$. I was wondering if you have any advice?  Maybe a school that you know of that just teaches grooming Terriers?  Maybe a weekend course over a couple of weekends? Or perhaps a good book that I could learn how to groom?

I have all the equipment...electric clippers, combs, scissors, Furminator, a laundry tub dedicated to washing MOXIE, apron, shampoos, brushes, Zoom Groom, etc. I just need some direction (preferably detailed and/or step-by-step) as to DOING the actual grooming from start to finish...
Any thoughts, suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you for your time and assistance on this!
(MOXIE'S dad)

Editor's note: Recommended dog grooming DVD is "Grooming the Jack Russell Terrier for Companionship, Work and Show with Michelle Ward".


Hi Gaye,

So it's Scout's birthday today, and I just wanted to let you know that we worked everything out. The problem was that Scout was given free range of the house too soon. I have started putting her back in the kitchen again while I'm away, and since she is familiar with this space, she seems to be much more comfortable. She is not destructive anymore, and will easily hold it in for the entire time that I'm away, which on occasion can be up to 9.5 to 10 hours. I think that the early AM walks are helping her too.

I'm super happy that Scout is in my life, and just wanted to let you know that she's turning out to be an amazing companion.

Finally, here's a cool picture of Scout playing with her frisbee.

Take care,    
Jon W., Toronto, Canada   

Gaye, you have no idea  what joy you brought into our lives  when you decided that your beloved "buddy' Ranger would be the perfect dog for us.

It's very rare that a person can do business over long distances and 2 countries without seeing the product they are buying when dealing with merchandise and getting 100% satisfaction and here we are, talking of an animal ( that for me is like a child) and we had all but 1 communication ( the evening you phoned us) by e-mail and everything went so smoothly.
From the first e-mail I sent you explaining our situation and the fact that I have ALS and that my days are numbered to your decision to let Ranger come into our lives knowing that you would loose the sale of a "stud" animal with great pedigree but you felt that he would be the perfect dog for us with his gentle disposition and great mind.

You looked after getting him neutered for us and also looked after the purchase of a kennel for us and vet visit to have his last check up and everything in order prior to my husband picking him up from you. You answered every questions and e-mails these "new parents" had  immediately and gave us all your recommendations for food and medical check-ups etc...When we found out that due to our trip and then the airline's embargo on live cargo until after the Holiday season would delay our receiving Ranger for a couple of months, you and Tom looked after acclimatizing him into your house from a kennel environment.

And what can we say about the ease it was to receive him from the USA to Canada. You drove to the Canada border crossing and looked after all the formalities, met my husband and his friend at a restaurant to deliver Ranger in his kennel with all his documents etc and then drove back to your house in NY. Bernard and Jim said that it was truly an emotional time for them seeing you with Ranger and how it touched them so profoundly when you said goodbye to him. Only a breeder with a good heart would be so very touched when an animal leaves them for another home.

As I am writing you, my baby is laying in his daybed in my office looking outside the patio doors. He has truly bonded with us and totally adapted to his new home. Everyone that comes to the house is greeted by our 4 legged boy and he sure knows how to get cuddles from all. People now come to visit Ranger first...then us!!!!!! He's Bernard's shadow but I can tell you that at night he sleeps with me...his mommy! And when I say sleeps with me I don't mean on my side of the bed I mean he literally lays his head down across my stomach and loves it there all night long!
Thank you again Gaye for all you have done to bring such happiness  to us during these difficult times.
Carole and Bernard, Canada

We were in Petsmart (no reception) when you called. Harley is amazing, he listens to my commands. He's such a good boy and let Tom know yes he was watching TV. He slept in the crate last night with no problems. He is using the litter box like a pro.  I would like to know what type of food do you
feed Harley & if you can send out the revised pet agreement.
Thank you again for choosing us as Harley's new family. He will be well taken care of.

Link to Harley's videos; http://www.youtube.com/user/harleyquinnnnn#g/u.

Nelson B. and family, NY city, NY



Hi Gaye,

I decided to write to you today to share a few pictures and detail some of our lil jacks progress. I came across the idea while at the dog park near our home, where i ran into another JRT owner who also had picked up a female russell from you. It was a 16 month old female named Maggie (i think he said the original name of the dog was "Splash", and that she was the last puppy in the litter. The owners name was Dave)

Buffy is our JRT my wife picked up on Jan 8th 2010. Buffy is pretty much at her full weight and barring a growth spurt, she is at anywhere from 13.6 to 14 lbs. She sat nicely for me on the scale at the vets today and it hit 14 for the first time!

She has adapted very well in the home with us. She is exercised regularly with my wife taking her for 1 to 1.5 hr long walks everyday, barring torrential downpours or all round miserable weather. Her puppy walks during last winter were short and swift, and we had to jury rig and modify a coat for her so it would fit properly. Now she has two good coats for this winter so she is well prepared.

She has been through puppy training with a very good trainer, and clicker trained. Link here http://www.whenhoundsfly.com/  Buffy was one of his star pupils! She is fully toilet trained and very happy and obedient to commands at home. She has sit, down, stay, touch, shake, and off learned flawlessly. She also understands 'go to bed' for sleep and 'inside' for going into her crate and into our vehicles. She is 100% approachable and friendly, has zero food or toy aggression, full bite inhibition and super sweet disposition. Her social skills are amazing.

We are still working on recall in a high stimulus environment like a dog park. When there are no distractions she will come when called upon, but we become 'invisible' when there are dogs to be played with or squirrels and birds to chase. Such is the nature of the beast I suppose :)

Buffy's been a wonderful joy to have and we just wanted to make sure you knew how well she is doing and her accomplishments to date. I've included a link to one of my facebook album pages that contain her. I will also be putting up some of our older video and new ones of her obeying commands to my youtube channel soon. i will send you those links of her when they are up. I have some of her videos up on facebook right now but cant share them unless you have a facebook account.

Thank you for allowing us to have Buffy, she's been the greatest addition to our family and can't imagine a world without her now!

Mike & Sandra & Buffy S.
Ontario, Canada 

Hi Gaye:

Lucy is doing wonderfully. We are so crazy about her & she's such a
good girl. Such a sweet temperament but feisty & brave as a Jack
should be! I'm thinking of doing agility training with her because I
suspect she will do well & will enjoy it. She learns very quickly &
hopefully I will since I've never done it before!

We can't thank you enough for our beautiful girl - she is the easiest
puppy we have ever had.

Hope all is well with you, take care.
Jacqueline, Ontario, Canada


Hi Gaye,

I just wanted to "thank you" for 15 years of love, affection and companionship! I got my "Jake" from you at 7 weeks old in 1995. He was the offspring of Loblolly Lazer and Conquest Custard. The quietest and largest in the litter. I know you had some apprehension about us. We were young (I was 25 years old), newly married and living in downtown Toronto. But Jake fit right in and as our family grew (we have 3 kids) he grew right along with us.
He has been a constant presence in my life. Jake accompanied me everywhere I went right up until this past November, 2009 (he developed arthritis so it was too cold for him to be outside for very long). He walked my kids to and from school everyday, he went shopping with me, ran errands with me, and was a constant source of security when my husband was out of town. He loved our cottage. Walks, swimming, paddle boat rides and digging. He had the best life and it showed! He was always very healthy until about 6 months ago. He slowly lost his sight and hearing. He started to develop arthritis and was quite stiff. About 6 weeks ago he started to pace all the time and walk in circles. I knew it was the beginning of the end and I was devastated. We made the most of every last minute with Jake.

This past Thursday (March 2010) we all said "goodbye" to our beautiful "Jake". After 6 months of deterioration I knew it was time to let my friend go. He could no longer walk. I am heartbroken and never expected to be so sad.

Thank you for the (best) 15 years I had with such an amazing companion and friend. I will never forget him. I loved him more than I ever realized...

Lindsay W., Ontario, Canada


Thank-you for your guidance and time working with us on the integration of a new pup, Claus, into our home. We do appreciate your consultation and extra care with the introductions.
As a small gesture of our appreciation, we have made a donation, as thanks to "Conquest Terriers", to the Jack Russell Terrier Research Foundation.
Although their research takes many donations to support their work, hopefully our $100.00 positively contributes to the betterment of the JRT breed in a small way.

Thank-you very much,
Gord and Reta C,
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Claus' big day - going home with his new family:)

May 5, 2010 a follow-up email with a new picture as below.

Hello Gaye, I thought you’d like to get an update on Lando (formerly “Claus).

As you can see from the attached picture, he has grown considerably – almost 6 kg at 5+ months old.  He has the most amazing temperament.  Anyone who meets him can see that he is always happy, with his tail wagging whenever he is interacting with people.  He and Kelly get along very well.  We have not had a single incident involving serious aggression (touch wood), although they’ve each fallen into their respective roles well with Kelly being the dominant one.  They play constantly in the house and backyard, with a routine of play sessions throughout the day I’ve noticed.  He clearly loves to be around her and she really enjoys his companionship.  

 Gord and I are so pleased to have him as “our boy” – he’s a sweet JRT who has enriched our lives.  He began his puppy training (John Menzies does send his regards by the way) and is doing well.


I just wanted to write a quick note of "Happy Holidays" and again THANKS!
Thanks SO much for breeding WONDERFUL dogs!

I'm sure you remember Hattie - (A.K.A. Lacey). I couldn't imagine my life without her!
She is ME in "dog form". I cannot wait until she get a little older and set in her ways
to get her a brother. You haven't heard the last of us!

Thanks and Happy Holidays - Genevia and Hattie, California, USA



It is difficult to put in words how much we love, appreciate and adore our new Conquest puppy "Jake". He is the perfect example of fine breeding, wonderful temperament, smart and fun dog all in one. 
The shipping process went unbelievably well.  Kudos to Continental Airlines. He arrived on time and was delivered directly to us in the terminal (happy with tail wags). Continental was extremely careful and obliging .
Jake is already part of the family, playing with our other Jack Russell and teething on our fingers.
We are so happy with him that we wish we had six more.
Gaye, thanks so much, I know we will have many years of enjoyment with "Jake"

Personal regards,

Jack & Darla S.
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA


Just a little update on Jake.  He is 7 lb.  Got his second shot today.  Everyone wants him...He knows his name, comes on recall and sits most of the time.  He learns things every nicely.  He and Murphy are buddies. We could NOT be happier.

Oct. 21, 2009 - Another a quick update on Jakie.  We went to our first training class today.  Karin his teacher had him running thru the tunnel, jumping over the bar and up and down the V bars in just one try.  He loved it.  He is very smart and tooooo cute for his own good. 
Hope all is well with you.  I will send pictures from our next class. 
Take care,

June, 2009

Dear Gaye: 

Our baby arrived safe and sound.  She was just perfect.  We live about 45 minutes from the airport.  Jane held her on her lap and she kissed her all the way home.  When we got home we fed her and she ate like she was starved.  We have the training pads for her to go potty.  She went as soon as we got home like she had held it for hours.  We got the heating pad and kennel set up and she sent to sleep.  About 4:30 this morning she let us know she had to go potty.  I put her out and she went immediately then back in the kennel and she sent right to sleep and slept until almost 9:00 this morning.  She got up went potty on the pads, had breakfast and wants to be a lap dog with us now.  We love her and she is adorable.  She is smaller than I thought she would be but what a sweetheart.

 Again thank you for your kindness in dealing with us and raising our little Lily.

Jess and Jane W., Utah, USA

June 25, 2009

We continue to enjoy our Lily.  She has not had a single potty accident since we got her.  She is fetching a little ball.  It is so cute.  We can’t believe that she is doing all these things at such a young age and she is so tiny!!  What a delight.  We have a large fenced back yard and she is enjoying exploring and running with the kids.  We didn’t think we would enjoy her as much as we do.  She still sleeps about half way through the night then lets us know she has to go potty, we take her out on the deck off our bedroom and she goes almost immediately, we put her back in her bed and she sleeps until about 8:30-9:00.  Now how could she be any better than that. 

Jess and Jane W., Utah, USA

Editor's note - Lily was purchased after several long distance communications were exchanged about litters of puppies and was subsequently flown to her new home in Utah, USA



Hi Gaye

We have had Sam for 6 months now and I just thought you might like to have an update on how he is doing.  As you can see from the pictures, he is fitting into our family just perfectly.....from games night to sitting in his bed so politely with his legs crossed!!!   He is a great dog – full of energy for our walks and playing at the park with the kids, but also so happy to curl up beside us to watch a movie.  He really has become a bit of a mommy’s boy though.... he is my little shadow, everywhere I go, he is only a step behind.  As you know when we got Sam, we had recently lost our first JRT and we were really hurting from that loss.  Sam has helped all of us through that, and although we still miss our Mazee deeply, this new little guy has brought us so much joy.  We are really looking forward to camping with him and taking him to the cottage with us this summer  - we are anxious to see if he is going to be a swimmer like Mazee was.

Thank you Gaye for this great new addition to our family!

Traci, Brian, Triniti and Holly
Ontario, Canada



Hi Gaye!

Just thought I'd send you off a quick note on how Tango & Sassy are doing (Sassy is now called Tinker)... They've become very close to each other, and have quite a bond. They have totally different personalities, Tango is laid back while Tinker is always on the go! Although both value their cuddle time on the couch with us equally.

I've attached a few pics for you, the one of Tink and the foal was just taken last night. Our latest foal was born yesterday morning, and he's become Tinker's baby... She sleeps in the corner of his stall when we are doing chores, and will lay next to him when we're in the stall. It's really something, that she has these mothering instincts on a baby 10x the size of her.
            Conquest Tink licking the newborn Clydesdale foal & watching carefully over her adopted baby

I am moving west on Monday, to Alberta, and have decided to leave both Tink & Tango with Mom & Dad. I just couldn't split them up, and the rest of my family loves them so much, I thought that this would be the best decision.

Shortly after making the decision to leave the dogs here, I was researching breeders in Alberta. It crossed my mind to get another pup off of you, but I didn't want to take a young pup on the airplane (although I'm sure you do it all the time). I thought it would be best to get settled in before bringing a pup into the house.

The woman I purchased a pup from is Suzanne Hunt of Foxwillow Terriers. After having such quality dogs from your breeding program, I have become quite particular on choosing a pup. I noticed Suzanne had some of your breeding in her program, and after going to visit her and her dogs, I chose a pup out of her current available litter. The mother of the pup is a Rivet Granddaughter.

So much for this being a 'quick note'... I just wanted to let you know how much happiness Tinker and Tango bring to our lives, they're perfect little terriers :)

Thanks again for breeding such wonderful dogs!               

Kristen W., Caledonia, Ontario


Tag and I have competed twice in agility trials in novice.  We started off with a BANG!  Tag qualified and placed first at her first real agility trial.  Then last weekend was her second trial and she got two qualifying scores and two more first places!  Qualifying scores means she did everything with no major mistakes.  It takes three qualifying scores to earn a title.  She has one Q in Standard (with contacts) and two in Jumpers.  She is doing so well, she makes some novice mistakes but she really is very steady.  Nothing seems to bother her, she stays focused on her job.  I am very proud of her.  I could not have asked for a better fit in a dog if I tried.  I am not entering her in agility much yet, I don't want her to have an issue and not be able to fix it.  I am entering her in about one or two trials a month right now, we have one more in two weeks and then two in March.  She should be more ready by the summer when there are many trials.

We continue to compete in flyball, she has run in 4 or 5 tournaments and has been very solid.  She is running again this weekend.  We hope to come to an Ontario tournament this summer.
Hope all is well with you, stay warm. 
Maureen & Tagurit

Hello again:

We had another great show last weekend at the big Cobo Hall dog show in Detroit!  Tag qualified both times again and two more 1st places.  That is a tough venue, huge crowds and lots of noise, I was surprised she did so well.  So she earned her first title (NAJ - Novice Agility Jumpers) and moves on to Open. 
I'll keep you posted.
Maureen & Tagurit - NAJ, FDCH-S (flyball dog champion - silver)
I am sure you can tell how happy I am with Tag.  She has fit in perfectly with my other dogs and has been great fun to train.  I lost my big dog in July to cancer (he was only 9  :c/).  He played with her all the time and protected her from my other dogs when he thought they were playing too rough.  Tag has been a great distraction and she willing accepts all my extra attention.  She is soooo outgoing and friendly.  Everyone in her classes, dogs and people, know her and have to greet her.  When we walk in the training building, experienced dogs actually have stopped working to come say "hi" to her.  She seems to have a charisma about her that makes everyone smile and want to see her.  She plays with dogs of all sizes, one of her favorites is a Bernese Mountain Dog!  She also loves Belgians, since my big dog was a Belgian Malinois.  She will play with anyone, but she really prefers the attention of people.  Our instructor has threatened to come steal her away!  She is a special girl.

See you,

Maureen & Tagurit
Michigan, USA


Hi Gaye,

You asked me to keep you posted about your little girl; she is pure joy! After playing for an hour she is now sleeping in my lap as I send this to you.
She is eating better, sleeping more and loving every minute of her life. She loves to play with us. She will actually retrieve a small ball and drop it in front of me. Russell would never do that, he had to be the winner.

This is  my little girl; I have four sons and most of our pets were male. I love to brush her and will buy her a feminine leash. I would never put ribbons in her hair but anything within reason that still allows her to have the freedom of a dog is cool.

I understand that Jack Russells are the latest fashion item in New York; women carry the poor country dogs in their purse. Wind Up is going to be tripping through the Bruce Trail with a pretty light weight leash.

Thomas adores her. When he doesn't have large dogs he sleeps with her; otherwise she sleeps with us. As you can see one dog is not enough for our family; therefore the boarders supplement her.

We still have not introduced her to other boarding dogs. Today she met Diesel an English Bulldog; they wagged their tails across a glass sliding door and when I opened it two inches they seemed very amicable.

Now for the bad news; I liked her name but Don insisted on calling her Sabrina (the name of my first dog when I was fourteen) an Airdale Terrier. You may still call her Wind Up.

I didn't get your pics in your email.

I will send you ours.

Thanks for giving us so much joy! Since she is never to be bred I feel very fortunate and a little selfish because she is one of a kind that will never be reproduced. I guess it was supposed to be like that or it wouldn't have happened. We feel so privileged.

Also thank Elise for being so patient with us; she is quite a compliment to your work.

Take care,

Agnes and family.

Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Update regarding Wind Up/Sabrina sent Jan. 6, 2009

In every aspect of her life she is adjusting beautifully. She is so delighted with our guest dogs at our Gordon Pet Services Inn (Orangeville, Ontario); she is quite a flirt & a social butterfly. By the way her & Diesel Swissy (the greater Swiss Mountain dog) are the greatest of friends; he has to bend down for his kisses & seems delighted to do so. She is eating well, sleeping well, house trained, well almost, about one accident in the past week and becoming quite independent. Sometimes if Don and I are watching a movie she prefers lying by herself in another room; I guess we have to respect her need for privacy. She has already brought us so much joy that words cannot describe it.
Thanks for that Gaye.

Click on the link provided to view a fun video sent by Agnes of Sabrina with her canine friends playing in the water -  Summer of 2011, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gplAEha8-8


Good afternoon Gaye:

How are things. Well Viper and I had a lazy day today after he helped me rake some leaves in the back. Actually, after I raked the leaves and Viper chased the rake. He's a great little guy to take afternoon naps with. He is such a cuddly little guy. By the way he loves shoes but he is starting to grow out of the shoe bit and he is moving onto bigger and better things.

He is a great learner. I am amazed at how quick he learns.  He is probably 95% house trained now. Whenever he wants to go to the bathroom he goes to our sliding door and waits until we let him out. My wife and I love him soooooo much. My mom just adores him

I won't keep you long. I thought I would send you a quick pic of Viper with one of his favourite toys.
Enjoy Gaye and keep in touch.

Paul and Nadia
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Hi Gaye;

I wanted to send you some recent pictures of our beautiful little Zoe and to let you know how pleased we are with her. She is a wonderful dog and has brought our family so much joy. She is a good little dog, very lovable, very calm and quiet and good with other dogs. The only trouble we have had with her is with a vaccine. She is very allergic to the Leptospirosis vaccine and we had a scare recently with that vaccine. She reacted to it and she will not be able to have that vaccine again. That worries me a little but we will just have to make sure she stays away from puddles, etc. because there is a lot of wildlife in our area - ducks, geese, raccoons, etc.
We are beginning family dog obedience next week which I am looking forward to. I had enrolled before but I was not happy with the instructor's philosophy so I have changed schools. The previous instructor was big on pushing off leash parks and walking your dog off-leash and I am totally against this - especially with a Jack Russell! Already Zoe is showing selective hearing - if she is busy digging or see something more interesting, she chooses to ignore us. Also she is starting to show a little independence and trying to dominate - she will growl and snap if we pick her up when she is comfy or if she gets in the "mood". I get lots of different opinions about what to do about this. I know we will get advice from the dog obedience classes but you are experienced with Jack Russells, so what do you do when they are starting to try to be the alpha dog? She doesn't respond to "NO" but sometimes continues. She doesn't do it very often, but I want to stop it now.
Again thanks so much for your wonderful breeding. It really is evident in the quality of dog we have. Whenever people comment on her, I always mention you and how important it was that we got her from a good breeder. People are always quick to tell stories they hear about the breed, and I always tell them that you just can't  get one anywhere - you have to make sure you take the time to go to a reputable breeder. It really shows in Zoe - she is such a good little dog.  If you could let me know what you do to discipline when they try to dominate, I would appreciate it.

Tania M.
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

Conquest Terriers' comment - I do not recommend giving Leptospirosis vaccine as it has the most frequent & serious reaction of any vaccination. Please bear mind that a dog with a healthy immune system should be able to ward off most diseases.


Hi Gaye:

We just wanted to let you know that Snow White is now Maggie. She is doing great and the kids are loving her. She is growing fast and she is spoiled.
We wanted to thank you for such a great dog and we are looking forward to having a lot of fun with Maggie. She is an energetic and free spirited dog and we love her very much.
Thanks again.


Jayne E. Smith and family,
Moncton, New Brunswick
, Canada

Just wanted to tell you that Brody is doing great!  He has fit in so well in our family.  Every day we go for walks with my parents dog Jack, a Portuguese Water dog, they have become best friends.  Being from Newfoundland I was finding it hard to find a Jack Russell breeder, so I hopped on the internet and thankfully found you.  I sent off an email and only a short time later you replied.  From then on you guided me through the whole process and you were so quick to answer every question.  I was also a bit hesitant on getting a puppy from such a long distance, Brantford Ontario to St. John's Newfoundland.  But you assured me that everything would be fine, and sure enough our little guy arrived here safe and sound, we have been best friends ever since.  Even though we have never met I feel like we have known each other for years.  Once again thank you so much for matching us with a great puppy.

Michael N. - St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada


I just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how "Tango" is doing. He is a pup we bought from you almost a year ago (where has the time gone)? He was born November 8th, and is out of Nymph.

We're very pleased with how he's turned out, he's so full of personality! He's definitely a suck, and he demands attention from everyone who comes to the farm. I've attached a few pics of him from this past summer, he's in his "work clothes" (filthy dirty). He was out helping us build the new fence around the paddocks for most of the summer, which was when it was found out how much he loves ATV rides. Nobody can start the machine without him hopping on, even if he is inside the house he will throw a fit until he is let outside to go for a ride.

He is enjoying going to the horse shows with me, whenever I open the truck door he jumps right in waiting for a ride.

When we purchased Tango, it was a few months after we lost our first JRT, he definitely had big shoes to fill as there were big holes in mine, as well as my family's hearts. Tango has definitely helped to mend the broken hearts, and as you will see in the pics, he's got my dad wrapped around his little paw.

Thanks again for raising such a great pup!


 Kristen W. – Caledonia, Ontario, Canada


In June 2005 we first met Gaye having ordered a Jack Russell puppy.  We drove to Brantford, Ontario and her farm where we picked up our doggie and of course met Gaye.  Her professionalism was superb in her advice, backup paperwork and handling of her dogs.  She made absolutely sure in various ways, that we were suitable parents for her little breed.   Needless to say, our dog, has changed our lives and we resort to emailing Gaye quite often for advice about every aspect of dog life. 
We live in Mexico where we encounter quite a few tropical veterinary problems.  So, in short, we would recommend at the highest level going to Gaye for your Jack Russell. 
The breed is fabulous and we will always have one.  Our biggest mistake was not to get TWO at the same time.   
We love our doggie Kulu which means braveheart in Zulu.  Thank you Gaye.


Judy & Peter B.
Jalisco,  Mexico

Hi Gaye,

     Sorry about not getting back to you sooner but this is the first time I have been near a computer all summer. Rocket is doing great!  She is now really part of the family. She had doggy school all summer at the beach. We would get up and be at the beach by 6 a.m. twice a week for her lessons. She is really quick and so eager to please. The other mornings I would take all three of them down to the beach to romp and play with a multitude of dogs ranging from JRT's to Great Danes. They all got along. Rocket knew when to back off and when to jump right in instinctively. She really has no fear. Everyone loves her, we loved hearing, "Here comes Rocket….."  She actually seems to laugh out loud.  Can you tell we love her?  I have quite a lot of pictures on my home computer so when I get a chance I will send them to you.

I will tell you more later,

Thanks again for such a well adjusted puppy.


Lucy M. - New Hampshire, USA


Hi Gaye

I just wanted to say a few words on the wonderful addition of Pippin to our family.  We had a ruff year last year loosing a family pet of 14 years.  Both my husband and I wanted a smaller dog as we live on a farm and have two Yellow Labs and needed a pup that would get along with a grumpy old dog.  We decided on a Jack Russell Terrier.  We had many pet enthusiasts tell us if we get a Jack we will regret it, as they are hyper, yappy and destructive.  Well we didn't listen to them and started pursuing finding the perfect Jack.  We referred to you from another Jack Breeder.  We came down for a visit and you had several puppies in all different age categories.  We had only wanted to visit for an hour but it turned out to be longer than that and it was a great time.  We got to play with the puppies, go for a walk with them all, see your kennels, it was a fantastic day.  The next morning there was an e-mail from Gaye, she had picked out a pup for us if we were interested.  Well I came down that very same day and picked up Pippin.  She is an amazing puppy.  I have had many dogs in my life, but she is very special.  This has been seen by a lot of people such as vets, trainers, friends and neighbours.  All that told us not to get a Jack has had a change of heart regarding Jack Russell Terriers and I believe this is due to Gaye's knowledge of breeding and her dedication at producing good puppies. She is one year old today and we couldn't be happier with Pip.  I have taken her to obedience school and she was best in class.  No surprise there.  Now we are looking at putting her into agility as she just loves to learn.  You always have her full attention when in training.  Pip comes to work with me most days if I don't have a meeting.  Co-workers come in just to see Pip.  All in all I would recommend Gaye as your breeder for your next JRT pet and I would definitely recommend a Jack for your next friend.  Jacks are truly amazing.


  Deb K.
Brooklin, Ontario, Canada

  "Its been awhile, I just wanted to update you on our JRT Brian and   I adopted from you in Feb '06. Tessa is doing great she coming on vacation with us up to the cottage this summer which should be eventful! We don't know what we'd do without her, she has been an awesome companion, and we think she's the best looking and smallest dog in the neighbourhood at least that's what everybody tells us.  There have been lots of laughs! She is by far more entertaining than we expected and our hearts go a flutter every time she greets us when we get home from work. Thanks for breeding the best terriers around!"

Carrie and Brian, Ontario, Canada

Hi Gaye:

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are that we chose your guidance on getting our new puppy. 

I looked at breeders from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and you.  I talked to many breeders for several weeks and took my time looking for a breeder and pup that I felt confident in bringing into our home with our current Jack Russell.  The main key I felt was to find a breeder that I felt could give me a healthy pup #1, a pup that would be compatible with our current dog #2, and a pup with the right personality/temperament #3, and if it will works out to do agility with, that would be a bonus but not paramount.

 As you know I live in Chicago and stopped by you to look at your available litters.  After talking to countless breeders I felt most comfortable with you and only one other breeder in my long long search.  I was torn between deciding between two puppies that you had and told you.  Your suggestion was that either would probably be alright for what I was looking for and sometimes you need to just "Go with your gut".  A week later, My choice was to "Go with my gut" and decide on the one you felt would be the best fit for me.  I am very happy that I decided to take your guidance and get the one you felt most appropriate for what I wanted.  He is more than I had expected, a perfect fit and probably will be more as he gets older!!! 

My advise to any one looking to get a new pup is:  Take your time!   Look for a breeder who you feel comfortable with.      LISTEN TO THE BREEDERS ADVISE TO WHAT PUPPY WILL BE THE BEST FIT FOR YOU!

 I felt very at ease visiting your house and kennels.  You have many extremely nice looking dogs ( Both health and aesthetics ).

If I can let some one know about you that is looking for a new dog, I would feel very confident in suggesting that they consider you.    

I will keep in touch to let you know how our puppy progresses.

Thanks a Lot!   Greg Wojtecki - Chicago, Illinois, USA


I just wanted to thank you for Nugget. She's a wonderful little dog with the biggest personality around. She loves to come to work with me and everybody in the greenhouse loves her. She's very well behaved and nearly everybody comments on what a wonderful dog she is. The other day, I had to move a tractor at work and I expected her to run away with the sound of big diesel engine, but instead she was trying to find a way to jump on the tractor. In the end, she sat on my lap while I attached the tractor to the generator.

She's also really nice with our Samoyed puppy. They play all the time and
she's very good to him. Of course she needs to teach him lessons once in a while, but also stands up for him if another dog tries to teach him a lesson.

Nugget is such a sweetie and we're so happy to have her as a part of our family, or should I say "pack".

Peter R.  Richmond, Ontario, Canada

Hi Gaye:

Great to see you expanding your website.  You have worked so hard to maintain such high standards of the Jack Russells and I, for one, can vouch for that!  My testimonial is geared around "Aging with My Meggie".  We are the seniors and have a 14 year relationship with you.  I have never aged with my doggie before and it brings about a different perspective.  We both move a little slower, our vision and hearing isn't quite up to par, teeth are fewer but one thing we both have is our love in our hearts for each other and a sympathetic ear when one of us is having a bad day.  Meggie is a Cory-Winston pup and is rough coated with a wonderful hunting background.  No words could describe the companionship she has given me over the years--my little shadow.  She makes me laugh with her antics and only sees the vet for her yearly shots.  No animal that I have owned has been this healthy!!!

We have added another member to the family-Tobie, also a rough coated Jack Russell who is now 4 years old.  It was a difficult adjustment but they finally acknowledge each other's presence.  It has certainly added years to Meggie's life as she must (and is) the pack leader and keeps him in place.

 So, thanks Gaye for bringing my sweet Meggie into my life and also for your friendship.

 Anne M.  Brantford, Ontario, Canada


Hi Gaye,

Hope you are doing well. Just keeping in touch. Athena is doing very well and is now spade ( she picked out the stitches herself :-) ) She is a remarkable dog and you can trust her 100% with all the kids. If you should ever come across another Athena please let me know. I would be very interested. Age does not matter. We love her so much.

All the best.

Lena - Rockwood, Ontario, Canada

i gaye -

i just thought i would let you know what a great breed of terriers you have and that i am so glad that you were recommended to me by ann r.  

greta.... i'm not sure if you remember her (she was born to be in shows but couldn't because her bottom teeth were off by a few mm, and we took her 7 months mature) is still a great addition to our family along with calvin, and if their check-ups are any indication, i reckon that they will be around for some time - they are 11 + 12 now but still act like teenagers.  luckily we have only lost one skunk, a chipmunk and a rat.

 please find attached a picture of greta from this past winter + summer. 

warmest regards, 

gregory h.
toronto, ontario, canada


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